About me

This is the virtual showroom of Atelier Tetebrec.  You can buy my paper art jewellery in my Dawanda-shop and ask me for customized pieces via tetebrec88@3gmx4.net (cut the numbers! They are a spam protection)

Handmade paper beads from antique books and modern magazines are combined with an exciting melange of Bohemian or Venetian glass, with handpainted wood from Russia, lampwork and cloisonné from Asia, bones, metal and treasures from nature.

Atelier Tetebrec is situated in the heart of the French Nature Park and biosphere reserve of North Vosges Mountains in Alsace / Grand Est. Upcycling, sustainability and loving respect for nature are part of our philosophy. My inspirations come from the Celtic treasures found in this region as well as from nature and fine materials.

Behind the label Atelier Tetebrec you will find the artist Petra van Cronenburg, coming from journalism and writing. Storytelling is her passion. Known for writing literary non-fiction and fiction in German language, she looked for a method of value to upcycle old books by artist's methods. Petra van Cronenburg works with beads since student's times and is fascinated by archeological findings of jewellery from stone ages, Celtic times and early Middle Ages.

I'm speaking English, German, French and Polish. Find me in Social Media (at the top of this blog).
Visit my website in German language: www.cronenburg.net